Building bridge beyond the border to cater best services for human being by developing, manufacturing and marketing of human medicine.

Antila Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd founded in 2010 and covered more than 25 countries that include Francophone Countries, African Countries, Carrabin Countries, East Asia, CIS, Central America, South America, Pacific Island Countries, etc.

With the help of qualified and experienced staff, Antila is growing with a growth rate of 50% every Year.

Manufacturing facilities comply with good manufacturing practice and Good Laboratories practices.

400+ products in basket covers categories Antibacterial, Antimalarial, Antiviral, Antifungal, Anticancer (Oncology), Antitubercular, Erectile dysfunction, Antidepressants, Antipsychotic, NSAID, Painkiller, Analgesic, Anaesthetic, Antiallergic, Antidiabetic, Antiemetic, Antiasthmatic, Antacid, Antibiotic, Cardiovascular, Antihypertensive, Dermatological and many more., with manufacturing line for general and B Lactam Tablets, Capsules, Injections, Vials, Ampoules, Creams, Ointments, Drops, Syrups, Suspensions, Lotions, Nutraceuticals, and food supplements.

Antila is backed by a highly skilled team of Drug Regulatory Affairs (DRA) who are well versed with international regulatory policies and procedures to compiles dossier with as per guideline of the various market.

To satisfy today’s Nutraceutical products need, Antila has established a separate manufacturing unit in Changodar- Ahmedabad which is complying international standard of Nutraceuticals and food supplements.

Antila believes in a transparent and professional approach to our partner to ensure mutual fruitful long term business relationship.

With concern to human health, Antila continuously upgrades its technology, company culture and work model to offer best quality to its customers.

Antila offers complete services under one roof like product development, Dossier preparation, to fulfil the legal requirement for registration in ROW market, innovative pack development by expert designers, promotional material development, etc..

We also work on real-time Bioequivalence studies as per countries specific requirement.

Having in-house designing studios, Antila attracts its client with attractive design & packing of its client choice.

Antila offers contract manufacturing under own brand name as well as client brand name to promote its products in every market.

Logistic part, we ship our product with temperature controlled containers to avoid damages to temperature sensitive products.

We also offer Air shipment as well as Sea Shipment as to respond immediate demand of the market.

We have created some special change partly to market our product so that could make more patient compliance.

Having of In-house Formulation and Development team, Antila can offer any molecule or product of its client demands.

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